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We understand the complexity of the world we are living in and as such understand the need of students of current era. We thus would ensure that our children receive an education that equips them to be successful in both the worlds. When we consider the need of educating a child spiritually and making him a conscious Muslim, we at the same time shall keep no stone unturned in giving him best class worldly education at par with the best educators in the education industry. In Sha Allah.

Our advisers constitute a strong team of educators, researchers and trainers both from parents and outside who would continuously train our staff and upgrade the curriculum so that we ensure that our students receive education according to the best trends in the education industry.

Pre-school Curriculum

We ensure that the children are exposed to the beautiful moral teaching of Islam from a very tender age while uncovering the international style of primary Education to them at the same time. We follow the Activity based experimental learning through Play-way and theme based methodology·

Children would be taught different subjects like English, Urdu, Math’, Science, History, Environmental Science, Moral science, Islamic Studies, Arabic and Hifz. The child would also be made to lots of activities in the class and the theme shall be changed every month.

Academic Curriculum

We follow the curriculum of the top international schools of India which ensures quality in our academics. We have opt for registering the students with the Jammu & Kashmir Board of School Education for validatingthe education of our students.


Arabic shall be taught via the applied grammar method using the world famous series of Madinah Arabic books which has proven track record of teaching Arabic to non Arabs since last 40 years. The same books are also used to teach Arabic to Non-Arabsat University of Madinah.


Islamic studies in Arabic shall start once the student covers the basic course of Madinah Arabic Books. The teaching will be based on the pattern followed at the prophets mosque in Madinah. We teach Islam the classical way without any bias or partisanship towards any particular scholarora sect.


We aim to give equal importance to sporting and other co-curricular activities. A student may choose from many outdoor sports that shall be incorporated in our curriculum. The sports we shall provide are Cricket, Badminton etc. Also the school shall organize various races and camping in future for senior students. Celebrations of Eid festival, Annual day, Sports day and Fun fair would also be incorporated


Computer education has a special focus in our curriculum. We ensure that our classes are computerized so that all the five human senses are engaged in the learning activi ty. Computerized classes would help us to teach children without being confined to redundant teaching aids that can just be used inside a class.


We ensure that Al Fajr International Islamic School grows with every passing day. We aim to make this school one of the best in the valley and make sure that our students compete and excel all their counterparts. At Al Fajr International Islamic School, you shall experience an educational, spiritual and a moral difference.


We follow the internationally accepted Continuous assessment form of exams where a student would be examined continuously every month with the help of a written and an oral test. Diligence with regards to homework is another factor that would determine the overall grade of a student for the year. This helps in reducing the pressure on the students and providing them with an opportunity to improve their weakness over a period of time.


Various subjects like Creed and Belief, Manners, History of Islam, Biographies of Prophets and companions along with basic do's and dont's of Islam shall be taught using books written in English. Islamic studies will be taught in a manner that ensures that a child is able to discuss and argue in defense of his belief with wisdom and fair preaching and become a caller to Islam.